"People who use INOX, tell me it is the best product of this type they have ever used, they swear by it, it just leaves the others for dead. Nearly every distributor, agent and country that distributes and sells INOX has been referred to me by a user because they think that the product is so good. If you haven't used INOX before, buy some and try it, you won't be disappointed and if you can't find it, give me a call."

John W Chardon CEO - Candan Industries Pty Ltd 
The INOX line of lubricants can be used in a wide range of applications. From general domestic use to heavy industry, we've got it covered. INOX is used in the following fields: Aviation, AutomotiveEngineering, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, and Transportation. It also has applications in: ElectronicsFirearms, FishingHobbies, and Sports.

Need a great lubricant for the Food & Beverage industry? INOX is certified Food Grade and Kosher!

And remember, with INOX a little goes a long way.

Some of the companies that use INOX are: FedEx, Ford, Harley-Davidson, Stanley Steemer, Qantas, the Australian Government, and NASA, among many others.
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I got the package that you sent; wonderful stuff! The Hammerhead tool was well worth the wait. The Inox lubricant you sent has already saved the day. The latching mechanisms on our HMMWV doors were tight and not fully seating when closed. We had to slam the heavy doors as hard a possible and then engage the combat locks just to ensure they wouldn't open as we drove. After a quick spray with the Inox, they closed with ease like they should. Now my guys are safer, and being able to shut the door is one less thing they have to worry about.

The above letter was recently sent to us from a member of the United States military serving in Afghanistan.
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Inox for FISHING!
Inox for BOATING!
Inox for BIKING!
Inox for FLYING!
Inox for SPORTS!
Great first aid for the battery in your car, truck, boat, golf cart, etc.!